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Child/Teen Therapy

Feeling frustrated about your child’s lowered self-esteem, or increased insecurity?

Has the school called about social/behavioral issues and the phone doesn’t ring for play dates?

Are you struggling to address your child’s misbehavior and star-charts and behavioral reward systems have not worked?

Is your teen giving you attitude, isolating in her room and not going out as much with friends?  

If you’re a parent you’re probably feeling that you’re once again not being nominated for ‘parent of the year’ award! You probably feel distressed, ineffective and worried. You love your kids and you want them to be successful academically, emotionally and socially, but sometimes they struggle and you cannot help them on your own.

In our experience, by the time parents begin looking into treatment options, you are already feeling frustrated with your child, and often a bit undermined in your ability to parent effectively.

So, what are your treatment options? Do you put your child or teen in individual therapy, family therapy or a combination of the two? Listed below are some general guidelines but it really depends on the problem and our therapists can help you decide what’s best for your child and your family.

Family Therapy
Generally speaking, Family Therapy is typically called for when there is persistent family conflicts and constant arguing among parent and child and/or major sibling rivalry. Family counseling with a child or young teen is often “parenting training” (
see Parenting Support page) which is helping parents regain their authority or “parenting power” back in a structured and loving way.

Individualized Children’s Therapy

Sometimes it is beneficial for a child to receive individual therapy without other family members present. For example, if your child is experiencing anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive thoughts or behaviors, excessive shyness or has difficulty making friends, individual therapy may be your best course of treatment. In many cases (e.g. ADHD, OCD, ODD) however, some form of family therapy may be needed in addition to individualized treatment.

Teen Therapy
Adolescence is a challenging and confusing stage of life. Even a “normal” teenager from a functional family system has difficulty with peer pressure, dating, body image, pressures to experiment with drugs and alcohol etc. You have reason to be concerned when these types of problems affect your teen’s daily functioning and it leads to poor coping skills, addiction or other maladaptive behaviors. At Modern Family Counseling our therapists have the unique ability to establish rapport with teens and influence them in the most positive way. A great deal of therapy with teens is done on a one-to-one basis but the therapist will always stay in close contact with you, the parent to improve the communication and bond between you.

We view parents as experts on their children and feel that your love, support, and knowledge of your child are key elements to successful treatment. We believe that therapy with children should be an empowering, positive experience for both parents and children. Although your child or teen may need a little persuading to go to therapy, we have found that once it begins they realize that they have control over their choices and behaviors, and end up really valuing their involvement in it.

We offer Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)  for individual treatment and Child Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT) for parent-child treatment, as well as individual parent consultation meetings for a range of mental health concerns and life stressors such as: academic pressures and special education, ADHD and social skills, bereavement and divorce-(helping children cope with and support your child through a divorce) and post-adoption issues and parent-child attachment related concerns

  • Are you seeking an active, goal-directed treatment that can help your child develop social skills, reduce self-criticism and better cope with their worries?
  • Want your child to learn how their thoughts, feelings and behaviors impact one another?
  • Want your child to be happy, empowered and competent?

We can help get your child or teen get back on track!

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