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Risa Simpson-Davis

31 Fairmount Avenue
Suite 205
Chester, NJ 07930

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Serving areas in Morris County, including
Chester, Flanders, Long Valley, Randolph, Madison, Florham Park, Denville, Bedminster, Succasunna, Mendham, Morristown.

Also serving Sussex and Warren Counties.


Couples/Marriage counseling

Have you and your husband/wife/partner drifted apart?
 Arguing more, unable compromise or communicate well?
 Feeling unloved, unappreciated or resentful?
Romance or intimacy gone?

Devastated by your partners infidelity?

It’s distressing and disorienting when a marriage or relationship begins to unravel. When children are involved it gets even worse, real panic or anxiety can start to take over your daily life.
No matter the reason for things going wrong, you might be feeling deeply hurt, unprepared, shocked.  You may even be feeling betrayed, desperate or ready to give up on the marriage or relationship.
Or perhaps your relationship isn’t in crisis at all and you just need a “tune-up” to help get it back on track before it gets worse.
I want you to know that it is completely normal to feel…
  • disappointed that your relationship feels different than it did
  • confused about what is happening
  • scared about what comes next
  • terrified about the possibility of being alone
  • profoundly hurt or sad about possibly losing someone you’ve loved


Are You Afraid Of Being Vulnerable?
When a cut is left open and is unprotected by a Band Aid, it is at risk of getting hurt by the outside world. Just the same, when people are open and unprotected by a guard or wall that they put up, they are at risk of getting hurt. However, while staying inside your house and on your couch at all times pretty much guarantees that you won't get hurt, it also guarantees that you won't experience anything great either...


But you don’t have to go through this alone.
I can help you reach a place where you know you’ll survive, even though right now it may not feel like you won't.
If you are determined to understand what happened, and to repair what’s possible to be fixed; I’ll be with you every step of the way.  If you think it’s time to move on or even if you’re unsure, I’ll help you make the best choices for yourself and your kids.
Maybe you’ve been through a split already, and you’re having trouble picking up the pieces and recreating a new life. Family and friends have tried to help  but that hasn’t brought you what you wanted.

Is co-parenting an issue? I can help you and your ex communicate more effectively for the sake of your children.
How do I know all this? It’s because I have personally “walked the talk.” I also have the professional background and skills to help your get through this difficult time in your life. I did it and you can too.  Let me show you how.
Make-up or break-up?
It’s hard to decide, and that’s why you need
experienced, well trained help.
Risa Simpson-Davis, LCSW
732 – 742 – 0329
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