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Leslie Zindulka, LCSW-R, LSW
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Does your child/teen feel very anxious, worried or stressed out?

Does your child/teen seem to worry more days than not?

Does your child or teen complain they can’t control their worried thoughts or feelings?

Is your child/teen experiencing restlessness, tired easily, trouble concentrating, racing thoughts, irritability, muscle tension, nausea, or trouble sleeping?

Does your child/teen’s worrying negatively impact their ability to function, at school, with friends, family, or in other important areas?

If you never experienced anxiety it might be difficult to understand how it feels. Sometimes parents might think that their child (especially their teenage child) is being overly dramatic or using these feelings as an excuse to get out of something. They might dismiss their child/teen’s feelings and tell their son or daughter to just get over it. But, if you answered yes to any of these questions it is so important that your child’s thoughts and feelings are recognized, validated and treated promptly. Only a professional can tell you if your child/teen’s feelings are nothing to be concerned about.

Any significant changes in your child/teen’s mood or behavior is a warning sign that that you need to address. If left untreated, anxiety can stop children/teens from doing homework, reaching out to friends, and family, and in severe cases can lead to panic attacks, social phobia and avoidance,  obsessive-compulsive disorders, substance use and abusedepression and/or suicidal thoughts.  

Anxiety is a normal emotion and at one time or another, all of us are likely to be “stressed out or worried”. In general, anxiety serves to motivate and protect an individual from harm or unpleasant consequences.

For many children/teens, however, constant bullyingsocial stressors or excessive anxiety disrupt their daily activities and quality of life. This can cause terrible emotional and physical symptoms. If you are struggling with symptoms of an anxiety disorder, it is not uncommon to feel alone and misunderstood. Not everyone understands that someone with an anxiety disorder cannot "just let things go". This makes the struggle with an anxiety disorder even harder, and may prevent someone from getting help.

If you think your child/teen might be struggling with an anxiety disorder, you're not alone. Worrisome thoughts aren’t always just passing worries. Sadly, they are becoming common, widespread mantras for young people across America. Anxiety is the most common mental health challenge that young people face today and it’s the top reason why children/teens seek mental health services.

Fortunately, anxiety disorders can be treated, generally with short-term Cognitive and Behavior TherapyHelp is just a phone call away for your child/teen to:

    • Learn to avoid the triggers
    • Understand responses to anxiety
    • Utilize effective techniques in anxiety-inducing situations
    • Practice strategies to manage physical symptoms
    • Refocus thoughts
    • Collaborate with Physician for additional pharmacology treatment if necessary*

As an experienced Certified School Social Worker Specialist and private therapist, I have treated a countless number of young people with anxiety in a school setting as well as in my private practice. I can help relieve your child/teen from his or her anxiety. With my compassionate and empathetic style, I can give my young /clients the  therapeutic tools and coping strategies needed to help them stop worrying and return to their normal level of effective functioning.

Teenage Anxiety… How Can Parents Help?

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It’s not too late to turn this around!  

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(732) 742-0329

31 Fairmount Avenue
Suite 205
Chester, NJ 07930

Serving Chester NJ, Flanders, Long Valley, Bedminster, and other surrounding areas in Morris County, Warren County, Sussex County, Hunterdon County, Essex County, and virtually to all of New Jersey