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Risa Simpson-Davis, LCSW
Owner/Clinical Director
Couples/Marriage Counselor

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Leslie Zindulka, LCSW-R, LSW
Children/Teen Specialist

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Carla Hugo
Certified Divorce Coach

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Chester, NJ 07930
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Serving Chester NJ, Flanders, Long Valley, Bedminster, and other surrounding areas in Morris County, Warren County, Sussex County, Hunterdon County, Essex County, and virtually to all of New Jersey

Career Transitions

      Therapy in Chester and all of NJ

Tired of the job stress & pressure you’re under?

Wish you could have a different career? 

but afraid to take the leap? 

Having difficulty juggling career and family life? 

Considering re-entering the work force?  

A growing urge to change careers is not uncommon. Gone are the days when you worked for one company for 45 years and retired with a great pension, continued benefits, and gold watch.
Most of us will have up to 5 different careers in our lifetime. But when you think about making a switch it causes anxiety, even panic.  It seems stupid to even consider, in today’s economy.
Still, staying where you are gets more constricting by the day, leaving you feeling depressed and irritable.  Your frustration is growing, and if you’re like many of my other clients in this boat, you are bringing your job dissatisfaction home with you.
If you’re feel stuck, miserable and uncertain what to do, I can help.

When You're Married To Your Business Partner

Now more than ever, with the shifting of current labor trends and new opportunities for entrepreneurial ventures online, many married couples are increasingly finding themselves pooling their professional resources and sharing the additional responsibility of managing an actual family business together.

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Looking for a job is a FULL TIME job!

"Whether this is your first job, a career change, or you’re looking for a new position in your same field, the typical job search process lasts at least 1-6 months. But don’t fret!..."

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Emotional strains can make a stressful job situation worse. You might unconsciously know that there’s a way to improve things where you are, but you just aren’t sure how to do that.
Or it could indeed be time to take the risk and make the leap.  You know there’s lots of hard work in starting over and you want the strongest sense of confidence you can get that you’re making the best choice.
You may love your career but the long hours and high demands are hard on your family life.   There is not enough time in the day to do it all…job…family…chores etc.  You’re pulled in so many different directions and you feel physically and emotionally drained. You can’t please everyone and feel guilty for taking any time out for yourself.
Maybe you’re a stay at home mom and considering going back to work, but you’re not sure what you want to do. Should you go back to your career before kids…begin an entirely different career…start a business…or perhaps go back to school?  Whether you still have young kids at home or your last kid went off to college there are many options to consider.
Don’t let fear stop you from having a meaningful and personally fulfilling career and home life.  If you’re confused about what to do, I can help you:

    • examine your options objectively
    • consider the intangible emotional benefits of a new course
    • prepare for reactions from friends, family, boss and co-workers
    • navigate through self doubt and second guessing
    • keep your determination and confidence high
    • create more balance between work and home

I know all about the emotional challenges and rewards of making a career change and balancing it with my family life because I did it myself 6 years ago. Between my own experience and my advanced education as a therapist, I know how to get you through this confusing and scary time.

You only have one life.
You owe it to yourself to be happy at what you do.
Risa Simpson-Davis, LCSW
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(732) 742-0329

31 Fairmount Avenue
Suite 205
Chester, NJ 07930

Serving Chester NJ, Flanders, Long Valley, Bedminster, and other surrounding areas in Morris County, Warren County, Sussex County, Hunterdon County, Essex County, and virtually to all of New Jersey